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Our management consultants have gained an unrivalled reputation for overcoming strategic challenges.

SME LOAN MALAYSIA, we are a Business Loan Application Solution provider providing credit facility approval solution services. 

We are committed to serve the financial needs of our various customers across every major industry.

Dato' Dr. Marzuki Bin Hj. Awang is the Company founder and Managing Director of SME Loan Malaysia.



  • Are your loan application was rejected black list:
    C-tos problem, C-cris problem, default, restructure, reschedule.
  • Applicant does not have ability to repay the facilities applied for.
  • Purpose of borrowing not in line with facilities applied for.
  • Unsatisfactory financial results of the applicant.
  • Applicant has other substantial borrowings resulting in high commitment.
  • Unsatisfactory conduct of current account by the applicant.
  • Unsatisfactory repayment records with other lenders.
  • Applicant has cases which are pending legal action.
  • High business / industry risk.
  • Lack of financial commitments from business owners.
  • Weak management of the applicant.
  • Sole proprietor/partners/directors/shareholders/guarantors etc. facing bankruptcy actions from other parties.
  • Inadequate collateral to compensate for higher risk to be taken.
  • Existing facility (ies) not utilized for intended purpose.
  • Others.